Script Service

We have been busy evaluating and improving film scripts since the 1980’s.
Every year our team evaluates around 120 film scripts as well as concepts, treatments, and bibles for documentaries and series. These projects are looking for financing on the international film markets. Since 1988 more than 3000 scripts have been read, evaluated or improved or rewritten or written as ghosts.

Short evaluations of scripts | concepts | bibles for safer investment

Our multilingual team prepares reading reports or short analysis of 120 film scripts as well as concepts, treatments and bibles.
Sales companies or producers are looking for license pre-sales with their scripts on the market. At big film festivals and markets, such as in Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, Los Angeles, etc., a quick, clear and inexpensive assessment can prove invaluable and saves money. In case of time pressure, we establish a reading report within hours. At the film markets in Cannes and Berlin we are sur place.

Detailed analysis with 97% prediction accuracy

We cannot predict that a good script | concept will become a success. But – we definitely can predict a flop – before the shooting.

Our extensive and meticulous 3-part analysis of film scripts, well advanced concepts or bibles is aimed particularly at those projects that are to be developed at a professional level.

dfk*films’ very own sso-method | *40-steps-method is the base upon which we build the most objective analysis possible. It keeps unwarranted views, opinions, preferences, and feelings out of the analysis. One can think of the method as a short form of “psychoanalysis”.

Our approach comes to its culmination in our extensive, uncompromising and invaluable 3-part analysis. A serious and accurate evaluation of this kind is primarily commissioned by producers, investors and sometimes filmmakers, to make a good script | concept great. They are investing in the development of the story and script, to elevate and widen the prospects of that project’s success on the market. This thorough and penetrating analysis serves as a point of departure for script-doctoring and rewrites as well as a basis for decision making for investors.