Reading Report

(2 to 4 pages)

  • Evaluation summary of script| concept | bible
  • Logline
  • True synopsis
  • Professional estimation

Our clients receive their Reading Report at short term, in a matter of hours if required, either in German, English or French. Having read the script | concept | bible, we arrange our estimation in a summary and a detailed statement.

To help our customers to get to their own impressions, we create a comprehensive and accurate summary of the story, as existing truly in the script.

Price: from 500 euros

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Short analysis

of Stories, Treatments, Scripts, Series or Doc-Film Concepts
(7 to 12 pages)

  • Overview in tabular format
  • Detailed table of contents
  • Comprehensive estimation of
    Story/Plot, Genre, Characters, Credibility, Topics, Dialogue, Structure etc.
  • Discussion

The short analysis enables you to determine the next steps for further development of a script, documentary  or series. It can be a primary stage to a detailed analysis.

Price: from 1500 euros

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(15 to 30 pages)

  • Story-Step-Outline (4-6 pages)
  • Questions and Commentary (4-6 pages)
  • Detailed Analysis (10-15 pages)
  • Discussion with the client

dfk*films’ very own SSO-Method | *40-Steps-Method is the base upon which we build the most objective analysis possible. This intricate approach is at work in our extensive, unforgiving and invaluable analysis in 3 parts. A Story-Step-Outline (SSO) summarizes the entire content of the script | concept in just a few pages and sets out all the important parts of the plot and the story without interpretation.

The plot is the outer, surface level narrative. The Story is the actual narrative evoked by means of the plot – the thing that ultimately interests and moves us.
A fully developed story for a feature-length film or documentary consists of around 40 Steps. The SSO shows all the actions taken by the protagonist toward the achievement of his/her overall goal. The number of steps for a series depends on the format.

The rigorous interrogation of a script | concept gives rise to a plethora of questions and comments (about 150). We devote a significant portion of our analysis to them. Finding the answers to these questions and the reflection on the comments enables the systematic advancement of the work.

Our Script Analysis deals i.a. with the following issues :

  • Motto
  • Logline
  • Synopsis
  • Structure
  • Genre
  • Characters
  • Dialogue
  • Topics
  • Subject, and its social relevance
  • Credibility
  • Irony
  • Tone/Mood
  • Final Impact (main theme)

A detailed script analysis is unforgiving and a good basis for the revision and further development of a script | concept | series.

Price: from 5000 euros

Story | Script | Concept | Series

Our consultancy of Story | Script | Concept | Project DEVELOPMENT, is based on three questions:

  • The relation of the author to their material. Evaluating the reasons for the choice of the material. Personal relationship to the material as a whole, to specific topics, the subject, the protagonist, the antagonist etc.
  • The social relevance of the chosen material and the story’s potential for universality.
  • The experience of the author, their imagination of what the end product should look like, and who it is aimed at.

The discussion of details may seem like a detour, yet often leads to the desired outcome.

Price: negotiable


The prerequisite for SCRIPT-DOCTORING or even a REWRITE is the development of a short analysis or a detailed script analysis, depending on the draft | concept | bible. First, the same questions as in our Story-consultation must be clarified, and a consensus reached on the analysis results. Then we briefly sketch out our approach with regards to time and content. After agreeing on questions of content and the goal to be accomplished, an arrangement is negotiated with dfk*films as consultant or co-author. Anonymity can or must be guaranteed depending on the agreement.

Price: see analyses plus fee, calculated according to the co-author agreement.


It is wise to spend 10% of the total budget on the development of a film project. Half of it should be invested for the story and the script.


We offer workshops, further education and presentations in all of our areas of expertise:

  • ANALYSIS of Scripts | Concepts | Series
  • Scriptwriting
  • DEVELOPMENT Story | Script | Concept | Series
  • Adaptation
  • Film analysis | Analysis of cinematic methods
  • Film restoration
  • Storytelling & Editing
  • Practical Workshops at Festivals – either in Berlin or Cannes
  • and much more.

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