Since 1988, we have been committed to improving script writing.

Practical experience...

Our founders worked with dedication and passion to produce and distribute national and international art house films worldwide and domestically. They wanted to enlighten, educate and make the world a better place.

We have learned that the success of a film and it’s impact on an audience is intrinsically bound to the quality of its script. Based on our concrete needs in film production, distribution, both domestic and worldwide, we specialized in the evaluation and improvement of scripts after having survived heavy further trainings. The dfk*script*service has been in operation since the late 1980s and offers services tailored to the individual needs of its clients.

Enough theory, back to the practice

Based on the sso-method | *40-steps-method, we took further inspiration from the following four sources to create our very own comprehensive method of analysis:

  • our own, sometimes painful experiences in film production and distribution
  • an encounter with František “Frank” Daniel – one of the best teachers of script writing and analysis
  • Studies of the theories and experiences of Aristotle, Lajos Egri, Eugene Vale, Ben Hecht, Joseph Campbell, William Goldman, Robert McKee, and many others.
  • Paul Schrader’s’ meticulous and unique approach to screenplay writing (especially for his early work).

Our flexible multicultural team has trained scriptwriters, producers, filmmakers and students in Europe, Africa and, more recently, Asia.

Every year we evaluate around 120 international scripts as well as concepts for documentaries and series in English, French and German that are looking for financing on the film markets. To date over 3000 scripts have passed across our desks. Find out more about our offer.

We are convinced

Filmmaking is a process of collective creation. Every successful film is based on a good and professional script. We define script as “the film on paper”. It is the dramatic and cinematic adaption of a fully developed story in written form, it stirs the imagination and serves as the blueprint for shooting. The story, the characters and their universe, the topics and every other aspect must be fully worked-out AND fully adapted to the narrative structure of film.

We desire to support you at every step in the process of developing an idea into a story, into a script, into a film, and ultimately something that touches an audience.


…is the alpha and omega of the analysis and consultant activities of dfk*films. With us, the four or more eyes principle applies. Our teams are as heterogeneous as possible and are larger or smaller depending on the project and workload. We prefer to forego being named in the credits. The goal is the improvement of the script and the full development of the story’s potential.