Information on Script Analysis & Script Writing ||| Examples

In this chapter you will find some basic information on
Script Analysis & Script Writing.
And – for reasons of confidentiality a few – examples from our analysis and teaching practice.

Reading Reports


I, DANIEL BLAKE  screenplay: Paul Laverty | director: Ken Loach

L’ INSULTE | THE INSULT  screenplay: Ziad Doueiri – auch Regie – and Joëlle Touma

LOVING VINCENT  written and directed: Dorota Kobiella, Hough Welchmann

CALL JANE written by Hayley Schore & Roshan Sethi | directed by Phyllis Nagy (in 2019 Siân Heder was supposed to direct.)



DHEEPAN aka ERRAN  screenplay: Jacques Audiard, Thomas Bidegain, Noé Debré | director: Jacques Audiard


Good scripts – weak films:

HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES  screenplay: Philippa Goslett & John Cameron Mitchell – auch Regie | short story: Neil Gaiman

SIBERIA  screenplay: Scott B. Smith, Stephen Hamel | director: Matthew Ross