In addition to our work in teaching and analysis we are working on our own projects:


In collaboration with Schick Productions we developed the concept for an international animation series. This saving the world story is also being adapted for cinema. While searching for her brother, a 14-year-old discovers the secret world of Neptune in the famous triangle. All those who vanished there are prisoners in the kingdom of the sea god and long for freedom.

“If Aphrodite had to rise up out of the frothy sea today,
she would have carbuncles on her bottom.”
Jacques Cousteau, pioneer of marine research


The Armenian tyrannicide story is told as an agent thriller for the big screen. Young people have shown the people in power how to be scared to death, but for 100 years it has been the world’s best-kept secret. A homage to all the courageous people, who fight for justice and seek the atonement of crimes against humanity. Spielberg’s MUNICH without any secret service in the background but with young people executing court decisions.


We have sketched out a biopic about Germany’s most famous pair of brothers. It was difficult to bring these reclusive heroes of the writing-table to life for cinema. Eventually, we succeeded in telling the Grimm story from the perspective of the young generation – as Reluctant Rebels.


Personal matters are more difficult to relate than made-up ones. Based on a real escape, KEMER portrays Yılmaz Güney and his helpers in their getaway from prison and totalitarian Turkey in October 1981. The success story of one woman and three men from four countries and three cultures. A thrilling ARGO story with no Americans but with a successful action against right-wing totalitarianism.