TITANIC | Structure

Screenpay by James Cameron (writer, producer, director and editor)
version dated May 7, 1996




First act


1          (1-21)             The search for the diamond named „The Heart of the Ocean“ gets them to Rose

2          (22-50)           Arrivals of Rose on the Keldysh and on the Titanic

3          (51-68)           Rose’s live is saved by Jack and Cal tries to tie her up with a necklace


Transition sequence (1st/2nd act):

4          (69-97)           Rose’s try for escape and her step back


Second act


5          (98-129)        Rose and Jack becoming lovers

6          (130-159)      The close encounter with the iceberg

7          (160-181)      There is an emergency plan but most of the people will die

8          (182-219)      Rose helps Jack to get out of his prison and they make it for the deck of the Titanic

9          (220-248)      Rose and Jack escape Cal’s attempt to kill them but they miss to get on a liveboat


Transition sequence (2nd/3rd act):

10       (249-278)      Rose and Jack are the last ones to founder on the back of Titanic


Third act


11       (279-294)      Jack freezes to death and Rose Dawson is rescued

12       (295-310)      Rose throws the diamond to the sea and meets Jack in heaven