2 ODER 3 DINGE, DIE ICH VON IHM WEISS (German Version only)

Film&Discussion | 26.04.2022

Bundesplatzkino | Berlin

Cooperation of the C.G. Jung Society Berlin with Bundesplatz-Kino and dfk*films

Tuesday, 26.04.2022 at 8:30 p.m.

Guest: Author and director Malte Ludin, son of a war criminal
Moderation: Edith Rosin


D 2005 | 85′ | Screenplay & Director Malte Ludin | Cinematography Franz Lustig | Editing Hanka Knipper, Amos Ponger

Malte Ludin’s documentary begins with the words: “This is the story of my father, a war criminal, my mother, my siblings, nieces and nephews. A typical German story.

Family legends and historical truth collide in the film about the legacy of prominent Nazi Hanns Ludin, who was executed for war crimes in 1947. The son Malte Ludin, breaks through 60 years of silence and repression. He addresses and shows his father’s crimes and questions his sisters who continue to deny them. The film is an intimate look at the descendants of a Nazi perpetrator, most of whom refuse to accept their families’ history in Nazi Germany and confront the murderous family shadow.

Malte Ludin, who barely knew his father, makes these processes of repression visible. His courageous film is an indispensable provocation.

Quote from the FBW jury, which unanimously awarded the rating “especially valuable”:

“2 ODER 3 DINGE, DIE ICH VON IHM WEISS is one of the most exciting and intense German documentaries of recent years. In its psychological complexity and aesthetic precision, the film is a remarkable one-off. The extremely relationally reflected German family cosmos is exemplary as an antithesis to the current tendencies of repressing history and frivolous media games with taboo violations. Last but not least, this is a cinematically virtuosic work (camera Franz Lustig), whose sound level and music are also highly interesting.”

Following the screening, Malte Ludin will discuss his film with the audience.

About the speakers:

Malte Ludin, born* 1942 in Bratislava (Pressburg, Slovakia) studied political science in Tübingen and at the FU Berlin as well as directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). Since 1976 Malte Ludin has been working as a freelance author, filmmaker and producer.

Edith Rosin studied psychology at the FU Berlin, trained as an analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute Berlin, has been working in her own practice since 1996. Since 2012 lecturer for Active Imagination at the Lindau Psychotherapy Days.

Location: Bundesplatz Cinema | Bundesplatz 14 | 10715 Berlin
Fee: 10,50 € | reduced 9 €