Master Class @ Moscow Kurdish Film Festival | July 2022


Lecture & discussion

Donat F. Keusch | Gabriele C. Sindler
dfk*films & script*service |

In 1982 Yılmaz Güney’s film YOL got the most important festival award of the world: The Golden Palm in Cannes. But the CEO of the production company, Donat F. Keusch, still didn’t know what makes a film successful. After having produced 20 films and having distributed more than 300 films which won all sort of prizes and were praised by film critics, he asked himself: How is it possible that 80% of our films attract only a small audience? Why are most of our “great films” flops? So, he looked for the basics and started to concentrate on the essence of film: STORY and SCRIPT.

Today his multilingual team of dfk*script*service, run by Gabriele Sindler, analyzes 120 scripts per year from all over the world. They are convinced that filmmaking is a process of collective creation and that every successful film is based on a good and professional script. A film’s impact on the audience is intrinsically bound to the quality of its script. Based on a bad script you will shoot a bad film with no chance to become successful – with a good script your chance rises to 50% at least. The definitions of a good story and a good script and much more will be part of our lecture.

Donat Keusch and Gabriele Sindler will present a brief impression how they evaluate, analyze stories and scripts. We kindly invite you to ask all sorts of professional questions.

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