Film&Discussion |25.04.2023 |20:30

Bundesplatzkino | Berlin

Cooperation of the C.G. Jung Society Berlin with the Bundesplatz-Kino and dfk*films
Chair: Edith Rosin | Speaker: Donat Keusch * Gabriele Sindler


USA, Kanada 2007 | 106`| script Nancy Oliver | directed by Craig Gillespie
with Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer, Paul Schneider, Kelly Garner, Patricia Clarkson…

Lars is shy, lives a secluded life and has never had a woman as he rejects all social contact. A colleague’s flirtation stresses the young man out and triggers an unusual development.

Inspired by a colleague, Lars orders a sex doll and introduces it to his confused brother and his brother’s wife as his girlfriend Bianca, a missionary from Brazil. The brother wants to put him in a psychiatric clinic, but is persuaded by the family doctor to play along and even to involve the whole village. After initial resistance, everyone joins in. Bianca is invited to dinner, participates in community work and reads to the children on a tape recorder. The family doctor calls Lars and his girlfriend in every week, claiming that Bianca is weak from the long journey and needs medical care. In reality, Lars’ trauma is being dealt with: the loss of his mother at birth and growing up without a bond to his father, who is frozen in his grief.

A wonderfully funny film with a great Ryan Gosling, showing a healing process that helps a person into life, a life of social relationships.


About the speakers:

Edith Rosin studied psychology at the Free University of Berlin, trained as an analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute in Berlin, has worked in her own practice since 1996, and has been a lecturer in Active Imagination at the Lindau Psychotherapy Days since 2012.

Donat Keusch studied psychology and journalism. Experience in film distribution, world sales, production and as a lecturer. Most successful film: “YOL” (Golden Palm). Script analyst/consultant/writer under pseudonym for 30 years. “The script is the film!”

Gabriele Sindler Political Scientist | Screenplay Expert | Lecturer

Location: Bundesplatz-Kino | Bundesplatz 14 | 10715 Berlin
Fee: 10,50 € | reduced 9 €