Film&Discussion | 30.08.2022
Bundesplatz-Kino | Berlin

Cooperation of C.G. Jung Society Berlin with Bundesplatz-Kino and dfk*films
Tuesday, 30 August 2022 at 8:30 pm
Moderation: Edith Rosin | Speaker: Donat Keusch * Gabriele Sindler


USA 1955 | 89′ | screenplay by Margaret “Peg” Fenwick | story by Edna L. & Harry Lee | directed by Douglas Sirk aka Hans Detlef Sierck | with Jane Wyman | Rock Hudson | Agnes Moorehead

Classic – considered to be a masterpiece among melodramas and was the unrivalled model for Fassbinder’s ANGST ESSEN SEELE AUF (1974) and Todd Haynes’ FAR FROM HEAVEN (2002).

Wealthy widow Cary Scott falls in love with her much younger nurseryman Ron Kirby. This causes gossip at the country club. Her children are ashamed that she wants to remarry below her status and buy her a television as a substitute for love and partnership. Ron is an independent man who can ignore the petty conventions of society, but can Cary also ignore them? In timeless manner, author Peg Fenwick tells a story about false morals, suppressed lust for life and the courage of a woman.

Produced in the USA and directed by Hans Detlef Sierck from Hamburg, who left Germany with his wife in 1937. As Douglas Sirk, he became world-famous as a filmmaker in the 1950s and is still considered a style-setter for the genre of melodrama.

We are showing this classic in the themed series SUPPRESSED LUST.

About the speaker:

Edith Rosin studied psychology at the Free University of Berlin, trained as an analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute in Berlin, has worked in her own practice since 1996, and has been a lecturer in Active Imagination at the Lindau Psychotherapy Days since 2012.

Donat Keusch studied psychology and journalism. Experience in film distribution, world sales, production and as a lecturer. Most successful film: “YOL – The Way” (Golden Palm). For 30 years script analyst/consultant/writer under pseudonym or unnamed. Motto: “The script is the film!”

Gabriele Sindler Political Scientist | Screenplay Expert | Lecturer

Location: Bundesplatz-Kino | Bundesplatz 14 | 10715 Berlin
Fee: 10,50 € | reduced 9 €