Film&Discussion | 26.07.2022 | 8:30 p.m.
Bundesplatz-Kino | Berlin

Cooperation of the C.G. Jung Society Berlin with Bundesplatz-Kino and dfk*films
Moderation: Edith Rosin | Referent: Gabriele Sindler


CH 2018 | 101′ | Concept & Director Barbara Miller | Cinematography Anne Misselwitz, Gabriela Betschart, Akiba Jiro | Editing Isabel Meier

The documentary film unmasks global, socially, culturally and religiously traditioned oppression of female sexuality.

Barbara Miller observes five courageous, strong, smart women of five world religions. She shows their successful, risky struggles for a self-determined female sexuality, for an equal, respectful coexistence between the sexes.

The protagonists break the taboo of silence and shame imposed on them by society, their religious communities along with their archaic patriarchal structures.

Leyla Hussein (from Somalia),
Rokudenashiko (in Japan),
Doris Wagner (in Germany and the Catholic world),
Vithika Yadav (in India) and
Deborah Feldman (in the USA and the Orthodox Jewish world).

Each of these women is working for sexual education and self-determination for all women with incredible positive energy and all their strength. They fight against social, religious and culturally traditional norms and barriers. Each of them paid a high price – they were and are publicly defamed, persecuted and threatened, rejected by their environment, accused by religious leaders and fanatical believers and even threatened with death.

Often awarded. Deservedly so.

About the speakers:

Edith Rosin Studied psychology at the Free University of Berlin, trained as an analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute in Berlin, has worked in her own practice since 1996. Since 2012 lecturer for Active Imagination at the Lindau Psychotherapy Days.

Gabriele Sindler Political Scientist | Screenplay Expert | Lecturer

Location: Bundesplatz-Kino | Bundesplatz 14 | 10715 Berlin
Fee: 10,50 € | reduced 9 €